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G-Force - TS120 Amp (2-3S) ESC - (Competition)

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    - TS120 amp ESC - (Competition)


    Product Specification

    Constant/Burst Current 120A/760A 
    Motor Compatible Brushless Sensor & Sensorless ESC
    Car Compatible 1:10 and 1:12 all competitions
    1:10 and 1:8 Crawlers
    Motor Limits 4-6S NIMH or 2S LIPO--≥3.5T(1/10 on-road), ≥5.5T(1/10 off-road)
    7-9S NIMH or 3S LIPO--≥5.5T(1/10 on-road),≥8.5T(1/10 off-road)
    Resistansce  0.0003 ohm
    Battery Cell Count 4-9S NIMH or 2-3S LIPO
    BEC Output 6V@3A , linear
    Size  39x38x20mm (LxWxH) 

    45g(w/o wire)

    FAN 8V@0.2A , MAX 12.6V 
    Direction of a Throttle "Forward/Brake" "Forward/Reverse" "Forward/Brake/Reverse"

    The shipment state becomes "Forward/Brake".

    Remember to add the Program Box which is needed for changing a setup.